Packages for Individuals

From the beginning, the company Piast deals with sending parcels and commodities both for individuals and businesses. For years, we have been sending out parcels to Poland and Europe and to such countries as: Russia, Estonia, Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus and others. Through our company you can send parcels to Poland to your family or friends, usually as gift parcels. Commonly these are gifts, clothing, sweets, toys, etc. According to the currently prevailing customs regulations such parcel is exempt from duty if the value of the goods contained in the parcel (including delivery fee) does not exceed 80.00 Euros. There is also no requirement to submit receipts for the purchase of goods contained in the parcel. In the case if the value of the goods contained in the parcel exceeds the value of 80.00 Euros, in order to expedite customs clearance, invoice (receipt) of purchase must be enclosed, or a statement about the value of the goods. We send parcels out twice a week.

We offer 2 types of shipping:

  • By sea - sent by sea containers - delivery time 4-8 weeks
  • Air parcels - sent by air freight - delivery time: 5-10 working days (from the moment of aircraft arrival)

For each parcel must be given accurate and clearly written sender's address and the address of the recipient, together with the postal code and if possible phone number. Correct and clear disclosure of this information can greatly hasten the date of its receipt. Air shipping parcels due to safety requirements shall not contain flammable materials including coatings, paints, aerosols, oils, glues, perfumes, weapons and explosives, as well as: jewelry, money and other items of great value. Transportation of these goods by air is possible after obtaining special permits. For the convenience of our customers we pick up parcels from sender’s every day.

All parcels are paid with the delivery to the recipient's hands, unless the sender decides otherwise, for instance: pickup from the warehouse in Warsaw or Gdynia, airport or customs transfer to a customs office outside Warsaw or Gdynia. Fees for the service includes delivery of the parcel once to the hands of the recipient.

Calculate Your Parcel's Fee

When shipping parcels by air you must to consider, so-called spatial weight, i.e., in the case of large or light parcels, the fee is calculated according to the formula: length x width x height (in centimetres) / 6000 = spatial weight. The fees are valid in Ontario only!


Examples of tariffs on some most often sent commodities:

  • Computers / laptops - rate of 0%
  • Electronics - 2.7% rate
  • Car Parts - rate of 3.5%
  • Motors - the rate of 8%
  • Water scooters - the rate of 1.7%
  • Snowmobiles - the rate of 5%
  • Cars - the rate of 10% (for the engine capacity of 2000 - an additional excise at a rate of 3.1%)
  • Cars with engine capacity above 2000 - the rate of 18% - an additional excise at a rate of 6%

Detailed information can be found at

Prohibited Items

Parcel shipment - prohibited items: correspondence, cash (monies), valuable or irreplaceable documents, passports, bullion, expensive items (jewelry, watches etc.), illegal drugs, perishable foodstuff, fire arms, guns, replica firearms or guns, sword or dagger type knives & weapons, explosives, ammunition, flammable liquids and materials, paint & turpentine, pepper spray, radioactive materials, safety matches, seat belts, mercury thermometers, animals or animal products, body parts, lab & medical samples, car airbags, camping stoves, Christmas crackers, compressed air & gas cylinders, dry ice, fire extinguishers, fireworks, helium, infectious substances, insecticides, life jackets, liquid bleach & chlorine. Additional prohibited items in air parcel: batteries, adhesives, aerosols, strong magnets, nail varnish, perfume & aftershave, cleaners & solvents.
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