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30 listopada, 2016


Piast Travel w Mississauga zaprasza na pielgrzymkę z okazji rocznicy objawień Fatimskich do Portugalii, Francji I Hiszpanii pod duchową opieką O. Misjonarza Piotra Komana. Pielgrzymka odbędzie się w dniach od 22-go maja do 3-go czerwca 2017. Cena $3.199.00 plus tax $580.00. Zapisy w Piast Travel […]
13 października, 2016

Plan a San Diego Vacation for Your Family

Everyone who travels to San Diego for a family vacation must feel excited knowing what to expect. However, vacation such place must be planned with utmost care. The fact remains that this city offers so much it takes probably several consecutive vacations to see all […]
13 października, 2016

Planning a Vacation at London Boroughs and its Hotels

Visitors can have different perceptions of a vacation in London. Spend some time at one of the famous boroughs of this city which might bring you a time way different from your previous experiences. As a traveller you might be unaware of the best boroughs […]
13 października, 2016

Combine your Disneyland Paris trip with other family attractions

Theme parks are a mainstay of the family holiday options, especially in the summer. Something about amusement parks makes kids believe they are characters in their own favourite cartoons or on the set of their adventures movies exercising their right to one thrilling experience after […]
13 października, 2016

Alanya Hotels

Alanya is a famous tourist destination especially during summer time because of its wonderful natural attractions, perfect Mediterranean weather and impressive historic heritage being home to many empires such as the Ottoman, Roman and Byzantine Empires. This Turkish city is also known for its summer […]
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