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Pandemic concept: Coronavirus COVID-19 spreading in the world.

Many Canadians who have traveled to warm countries in the south are planning to extend their vacation stays until the federal government eases travel restrictions, one expert said. Many of them have their own vacation homes in Florida.
As soon as federal regulations for arriving in the country and compulsory stay at a designated hotel for the coronavirus test are published, many people want to extend their stay abroad. Last Friday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stated that everyone arriving in Canada will have to quarantine in an approved hotel for up to 3 days pending the results of the COVID-19 test at the airport, which is expected to cost $ 2,000. Trudeau said the move is intended to discourage people from irrelevant travel and reduce the spread of COVID-19 and its variants. Many Canadians like the “snowbirds” in Florida found the government’s move as despicable. The typical snowbirds leave Canada in November and return in April. The newly introduced travel regulations are valid until April 30th.
The government also banned all flights to the Caribbean and Mexico.
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