Important Travel Information

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LOT Polish Airlines have resumed connections between Toronto and Warsaw as well as other Polish destinations and European connections. Travelers returning to Canada must test 72 hours prior to boarding a flight. Some additional restrictions and exclusions apply. Charters operating from Canada to the Caribbean and Mexico still do not offer individual flights and holiday packages (all inclusive). The first offers with Sunwing, Air Transat, Air Canada Vacations and West Jet are available for the month of June. The main reason is the extended restrictions by the federal government of Canada and the province of Ontario, which have a significant impact on the interest of travelers.

However, there is a loophole where travelers can still fly to these destinations via the United States.

Many countries have restrictions related to the expiry date of travelers’ passports, and this may result in being denied boarding. Requirements vary depending on the country you travel to. The restrictions that apply to travelers during the existing COVID-19 pandemic often change, and become stricter, also depend on the airline we fly with, the country to which we travel and the traveler’s passport / nationality.

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