1How do I prepare my parcel?
Parcel must be well packed and taped and should be clearly written address of the sender and the recipient's address in Poland, but in a place where you typed the address of the recipient you should glue (transparent tape) envelope with the address of Piast Forwarding in Toronto (after receiving the parcel at our office with glued envelope on it, our address will be removed, and the parcel remains only with the recipient's address in Poland). The envelope must insert statements (download shipping declarations: sea, air) with the information what is the contents of the parcel, as well as Check or Money Order to cover shipping costs. Thus prepared parcel should be sent by Post Office or UPS to our address in Toronto.
2How do I send a parcel to Poland if where I live you don’t have your office?
Addresses where you may send parcels to Poland can be found here... More detailed info about sending the parcels can be accessed here...
3Do I need travel insurance?
In short, yes. There are many reasons why you should consider the protection of travel insurance for your upcoming vacation or business trip. To help you decide if travel insurance is right for you and your family, here is some useful information: medical emergency If you get sick or injured while away, your hospital bills can easily add up to $5,000 per day. Your provincial health plan covers only a small part of the charges that are generally incurred with a visit to a hospital. Our policies cover up to $5 million for Canadian residents.
4What about lost or stolen baggage?
Baggage insurance will cover you in the event of this common inconvenience. There are many other important reasons for you to be protected by travel insurance. Please read more about our plans.
5When can I purchase my Visitors to Canada insurance?
If you have been in Canada for less then two years, you may purchase Visitors to Canada travel insurance. This insurance may be purchased any time before or after arrival in Canada.
6Can I change my existing travel coverage?
If your trip will last longer then anticipated, TIC can extend your coverage. Your policy may also be modified provided that no claim has been incurred under your original policy. Simply phone our consumer call center and an advisor will be happy to assist you.
7What if I am pregnant?
If you are a Canadian resident, our plans provide you with some coverage relating to pregnancy. Expenses which are routine or elective and which occur within the first 32 weeks of your pregnancy or within 8 weeks of the expected date of delivery are excluded. Expenses for an infant less than 15 days old are excluded. For infants older then 15 days, you need to purchase a family policy. Please call our consumer call centre to be certain of your coverage. Visitors to Canada insurance does not cover any expenses related to pregnancy.
8Will I be able to resume my vacation if I am air-evacuated?
Yes, you can with Emergency Hospital & Medical Plans for Canadians, when your air evacuation was arranged and coordinated by Allianz Global Assistance. Your policy will not expire once you return to Canada. As long as your policy is in force, you will be able to resume your vacation. Allianz Global Assistance will pay for a one-way economy flight for you to return to the city where the evacuation commenced so you can continue your vacation.
9How long will it take to process my claim?
Upon receipt of all substantiating information, your claim will be processed within five working days.
10What is a Pre-existing Medical Condition?
A pre-existing medical condition is an illness or injury that you know you already have (e.g. asthma, heart condition). Even if you are showing symptoms of an illness and have not yet seen a doctor, this is considered a "pre-existing" condition (e.g. you have felt chest pains but didn't seek any treatment).
11What is the price for an air and sea parcel shipment to Poland?
The price for air shipment is $6.35 per kilogram plus a $15.00 delivery fee. The price for sea shipment is $2.35 per kilogram plus a $15.00 delivery fee. Minimum and maximum weight/size restrictions apply. Please contact Piast's agent for details. We also ship oversized /unusual size items, please ask for a quote.
12Can I send a parcel to any European country?
We offer air and sea parcel shipments to many European countries (including Poland, United Kingdom, Ukraine, German, Slovakia, Czech Republic, France, and Hungary). Prices vary and some weight and size restrictions apply, so the best option is to contact Piast's agent for details!
13Are the parcels delivered to the door? If so why was mine at the pick-up point?
Yes, we deliver to the door, however the couriers reserve the right to leave the package at the pick-up point if the recipient is unavailable at the time of delivery.
14Does Piast offer parcel tracking?
Yes, you can track your parcel by visiting our website www.piast.ca and entering the parcel a number under TRACKING.
15When sending a parcel, why do I have to provide the recipient's cell number (this person is older and does not have one)?
Delivery couriers do not call the recipients, they need the cell contact to sends a text message informing the recipient of the delivery. If the recipient does not have a cell phone, please provide someone from the family, who will let them know the day the parcel will be delivered.
16Why some popular electronic items like laptops, cell phones, or tablets can not be sent by air shipment?
Most electronics have a built-in battery which is prohibited to be shipped by air. Regardless of charged, uncharged, or dismantled. Due to tightened airline safety restrictions, some items are prohibited and can not be shipped by air. The list of prohibited items can be found on our website or ask one of our agents for details. Please know, that many of the air prohibited items can be shipped by sea.
17Does Piast offer parcel insurance and does it cover damaged goods?
All parcels sent via Piast are automatically covered within the price for a maximum of $100.00 including the shipping cost. This insurance applies to a total loss and does not apply to damaged goods. It is the shipper's responsibility to securely pack each item into a strong box to protect it from regular handling. Additional insurance coverage is optional and available at a low cost! Some restrictions apply.