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Car Rental Companies

Renting a car doesn’t need to be a hassle. Choose your favourite company, or engage in a little comparison shopping; either way, Piast always gives you access to the latest discounts and lowest prices. Piast’s Best Price Guarantee applies to rental cars as much as any other service we offer. Save yourself the hassle and time by booking the rental car with the company of your choice.

Car Rental in Canada

Whether you’re planning a city-centric escape or a countryside journey, we’re here to help you hit the road. Enjoy the independence of not being tied to train or bus schedules. Forget the security lines at the airport and get to where you are going on your schedule. Find cheap car rentals and deals throughout Canada. Drive where other modes of transportation can’t get you.

Car Rental Deals in the United States

There’s nothing like the quintessential American road trip. You can coast from Atlantic to Pacific without sacrificing your travel budget. Start on either coast. Drive along highways or small-town roads. Do it the old-fashioned way and use your road atlas or follow your navigation system equipped with the latest apps. No matter your choice, your road trip will be a journey to be remembered.

International Car Rental

This time, skip the trains and buses. With Piast’s discount car rentals, you can explore a foreign city just like the locals. Get a feel for how the locals live their lives. Get behind the wheel and drive on the back roads to discover the remote areas off the beaten path. Your rental car will let you stop at the side of the road to smell the roses while you are on your road trip abroad.