We are Piast!

This year we are celebrating 40 years of servicing the community, especially polish. We are commonly known as the PIAST, and not many people distinguish, that under this name there are two companies, namely PIAST TRAVEL INC. and PIAST FORWARDING INC. Both companies were established in the early eighties of the last century and today are among the most reputable and popular Polish agencies in Canada.

We specialize in the service of Poles living in Canada, although other ethnic groups share the service of our offices. PIAST TRAVEL through long standing partnerships with airlines and wholesalers of vacation holiday offers our clients the best airline connections, and most attractive holiday trips.

Every customer is treated individually. Our agents have years of experience in the field of tourism and are able to meet requirements of the most demanding customers. In our work we use the latest technologies for fast and efficient customer service. We are on the top in the ranking among Polish travel agencies. Such a ranking has decided high quality service, excellent professional training of our agents, reliability of our service for which the greatest reward is steadily growing number of customers for many years regularly using our services.

PIAST FORWARDING is a company involved in shipping of individual parcels by sea or air, doing express service, resettlement properties, cars, motorcycles, water and ski scooters, boats and many other kinds of goods by sea in containers of 20’ and 40’ and air mainly to Poland, though with the exception of parcels for individual recipients, we also send other commodities to many European countries.

In addition to this activity you can instantly send money through us by U.S. Money Express to Poland and the entire world. Both companies Piast Travel and Piast Forwarding have for years sponsored many cultural and sports events held in Canada by various associations and Polish communities in order to give you another aspect of contact with Poland.